Clavis Spring Catalogue

My new Sound Book is on the cover of the Spring Catalogue from Clavis!

A colorful and glorious sound book full of animals and instruments. For musicians from 2 years and up. Rabbit blows the trumpet. Panda strikes with the sticks on the drum kit. And Dog strums on the strings of his guitar. It sounds very good, but they sound best when they all play together!

Available in Dutch May 2021.

Winter Fun

In December a new Interactive Picture Book, with lots of Snow Fun, will be available in Dutch! Tilt and Shake the book and see what happens on the next page.

Fox, Mouse, Raccoon and Owl are playing in the snow.
They want to make a snowman on top of a mountain.
But… such a big snowball is quite heavy.
Can you help them to roll the ball upwards?

Sammy goes Camping

At the end of July, a new adventure from Sammy and his little horse Hob will be released in Dutch. Sammy and Hob are going camping for the first time. This book will have nice trimmed pages (just like the previous books about Sammy and Hob), so the image changes nicely when you turn the page.