Children’s Book Party with Gerda Havertong

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Children’s Book Party with Gerda Havertong

October 1, 2014
On Wednesday, October 1st from 19-21 hours, a Children’s Book Party will be held in Brummen. It’s presented by Gerda Havertong. She will give Mayor Alex Hedel the first copy of the book Party Time! ¬†As many as 500 children from schools in and around Brummen wrote stories and made drawings. A festive and richly illustrated book published on the occasion of the “Children’s Book Week” 2014.

Location: Pancake restaurant Reuvershoeve
Date: Wednesday, October 1st
Time: 19 to 21 pm

Lydia Rood, Martine Letterie, Manon Sikkel and Agave Kruijssen wrote each a celebration story. Anita Bijsterbosch drew the cover and made (along with many children) illustrations. These writers are present during the Children’s Book Fair and will handover a copy of the book to all children.
What is a party without music and a bit of glamor? Evening wear, photographers, ‘men in black’ hearing and a red carpet. And of course a lot of dancing during a real disco with a real DJ.

Would you like to attend the Children’s Book Party?
There are still tickets available: they can be picked up at bookstore Primera (Brummen) or bookstore Hendriks (Eerbeek) uptill Saturday, September 27th.

This event is an initiative of Library Brummen-Voorst, Bookshop Primera (Brummen) and Bookshop Hendriks (Eerbeek). Further information is available there.

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