Papa Seahorse’s Search

Illustratie voor prentenboek De zoektocht van papa Zeepaardje / Illustration for Children's Book Papa Seahorse's Search, Clavis Publishing

Winner “KIDDO Leespluim” January 2016.

Papa Seahorse has lost one of his baby seahorses. He looks behind the coral, inside the shell and under the rocks. But he just finds lots of other animals. Can you count them? And can you find the tenth baby seahorse?

A fun seek-and-count book about Papa Seahorse and his ten baby seahorses.

For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s language development.

Title: De zoektocht van papa Zeepaardje
Publisher: Clavis Uitgeverij
ISBN: 9789044822809


De zoektocht van papa Zeepaardje